[Top 5] Best Antivirus softwares for Windows

As the Tech World is growing day by day the chances of getting attacked by Virus, Mal-ware, Trojans and from other external resources are increasing.So to be safe from this We should use Antivirus and Security software.Antivirus is one of the essential software which everyone should have because it protects you and your system from damage of data.But nowadays all the antivirus are paid everyone has to buy there license.So today here we are sharing some of the Best Free Antivirus available in the market.

#Avast 8

This is the Most Famous Antivirus of all time.Avast 8 has fully new User interface, it was given this UI because it was targeted to be used with Touch screen devices also rather than only be used in traditional computers and Laptops.Because of its new UI you access its new Features easily and faster than the older version.Rather the new UI in Avast 8 its all features and virus engine is also fully updated which helps you to keep the spam away from your device for the performance of you system and device.


This Antivirus is offering Free version but to get access to all its feature you have to the premium version of Bitdefender Antivirus.This antivirus is installed in few minutes only and offers real time protection for your devices.But it has major Con that it has no full interface which makes it difficult to use by the users.

#Microsoft Security Essential

All the Windows 7 users must be knowing about this antivirus and also had made a remarkable position in the field of protection in you PC.The Microsoft Security Essential providers the best security to Windows 7 and Windows 8 has this antivirus as an inbuilt feature. The best feature of this antivirus is that it provide best protection when you are online, Keeps malware and Trojans away from your system and help you to faster your System Performance by controlling 50% device of CPU tasks.This Antivirus is the most suitable with the latest Windows version and can be installed comfortably.

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#AVG antivirus

AVG antivirus is the most used free version of AVG Antivirus 2013.It has simple and elegant interface which allow user to have full control on the antivirus.This antivirus have all that basic features which a antivirus should but additionally it have some other good features like PC analyzer which will check and remove disk error from your computer.It’s the most trust able antivirus which a computer have.But the only Con is because of this too many features it take much time during installation.


This antivirus take a very less time to be installed that’s why it has been considered as one of the best antivirus of 2013.It has emended with a beep sound which let the user inform about malwares and the user has a full control to that beep sound.It has a very great feature of browser tracking blocker which will block all the connection which are trying to access your web history or data.

This were Best 5 Free Antivirus you can get any of them for free of cost and all reliable and trustworthy.To Download any of these antivirus Just click on the name of the antivirus.If you have any query you can ask in comments and if you like our effort please write a word of thanks in the comment !!

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